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ATG Photo Booths Presents


ATG Photo Booths, has now added “The Selfie Wizard” the great modern alternative to the disposable camera. Imagine how many pictures your guests will capture at your event. Displayed instantly and printed at the same time. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!


Can you imagine, the amount of pictures stored on your guests Smart Phone, during your event. On average, a wedding has round about 150 guests and probably 80% of those guests have a smart phone. So if each guests took one picture and uploaded it to the Selfie Wizard, that probably would exceed 100 pictures.

Now, if your like me, you don’t just take one picture, you take 5 -6 maybe more. so that number could well exceed 400+ pictures taken at your event, that you probably won’t ever see.

So if each guests uploads to our SELFIE WIZARD, those pictures come to life on our 55inch HD screen and also get printed for your guest to keep.

WOW !!!!!! who doesn’t want the SELFIE WIZARD at their event.